Event Details

  • Fri, Sept 9, 2011

    Opening Evening Party!

    7pm until we shut that sucker down!

    Show up, relax, meet the other BarCampers and have a drink on our opening party sponsor!

  • Sat, Sept. 10, 2011

    • 9am: Breakfast
    • 10am: Sessions
    • 1pm: Lunch
    • 6pm: Closing

Where is Barcamp Omaha 2011?

Nomad Lounge 10th & Jones • Omaha, Nebraska

The Nomad Lounge, a beautiful and spacious space in downtown Omaha will be the site of this year’s BarCamp Omaha. Nomad is located at 1013 Jones Street and street parking will be available around the venue.

What is Barcamp Omaha 2011?

BarCamp is an "un-conference", or rather a conference without a speaker list, without a fixed schedule, and without remorse. Our open format offers attendees the unique opportunity to network, learn, and communicate about what they are most passionate about!

  • Technology
  • Creative
  • Entrepenurship

Thank You to our Sponsors

  • Button Biz
  • Nomad Lounge
  • Silicon Prarie News
  • DownsDesign
  • Princess Lasertron
  • NimbleLogic
  • Image Made Design
  • What Cheer
  • Invest Nebraska
  • Unemed
  • AIM
  • Volano

Sponsor Info

  • $1000 – Platinum

    • Exclusive sponsorship of 1 of 3 tracks (Creative, Entrepreneurship, Tech)
    • Signage on presentation screen between talks
    • Premium logo placement on banners
    • Large logo on Barcamp homepage
    • Blog post on BarcampOmaha.org spotlighting your company
    • Inclusion in email blasts pre/post event
    • Table/booth available at event
    • Inclusion on the sponsor slideshow
  • $500 – Gold

    • Logo placement on banners
    • Logo featured on Barcamp sponsors page
    • Inclusion in email blasts pre/post event
    • Inclusion on the sponsor slideshow
    • Table/booth available at event
  • $250 – Silver

    • Logo placement on banners
    • Logo featured on Barcamp sponsors page
    • Inclusion on the sponsor slideshow
  • $500 & $250 sponsorships include exclusive sponsorship of one of the following

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Opening night party
    • Snacks/Beverages
    • Twitter feed
    • Wireless Internet
    • Chairs
    • Bathrooms
    • Charging station
    • Other creative ideas for signage / sponsorship!


  • Who should attend BarCamp?

    BarCamp is an event for people who want to share their passion and excitement about their jobs, hobbies, and interests. It’s an event for people who want to listen and learn from their peers. And the special thing about BarCamp Omaha is that it’s for everybody! Our local event features speaking tracks for creatives, entrepreneurs, and technology developers, including...

    • Programmers
    • Designers
    • Photographers
    • Artists
    • Environmentalists
    • Marketers
    • Architects
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Businessy-folk
    • Writers
    • And whatever it is you do

  • What should I bring?

    There’s no need to bring anything special to BarCamp Omaha, but if you are looking for things to stuff into your fanny pack, here are our suggestions:

    • A laptop with your presentation (if you’d like to give a talk).
    • A projector and screen will be provided for you. You can also put it on a flash drive and borrow a laptop!
    • Your notebook and a pen for taking notes and collecting autographs.
    • Your camera--you can tag photos on Flickr with “barcampomaha”
    • Something to share with all of your new friends...a business card? Stickers? Carrot sticks?
    • A friend...if your friend fits in your fanny pack.

  • Who can give a talk?

    Everyone can speak! In the weeks leading up to BarCamp, you can prepare a presentation or talk about your passion. When you arrive in the morning, you can sign up to present and we will create the day’s schedule on the spot during breakfast. We just ask that you stay away from pitching products or services and limit your presentations to things you want to teach or experiences you want to share, such as a challenge you overcame in starting your business, “hacking” topics, how to discern a good bottle of scotch, or even how to do a particular DIY project! We also love panel talks! The sky is the limit.

  • Do I *have* to give a talk?

    Absolutely not! Many people come to BarCamp to just meet new people and listen to other people give cool presentations, and that's great! We encourage people to participate however they are most comfortable. That's the beauty of the "un-conference", you can pretty much do whatever you want.

  • How long are the talks?

    Each time slot is 30 minutes. Speakers are allowed to use that time however they wish. You could even share one 30-minute time slot with multiple people. For instance, let 3-5 people each give a 5 minute talk on your subject. It’s probably a good idea to allow time for comments and questions because BarCamp audiences tend to be very participatory! Great discussions often pop up during sessions.

  • Is this really worth $10?!?!

    Yes! You will make new friends, awesome business contacts, and come away with amazing new motivation to develop your passions and seize new opportunities. The ticket price also includes...

    • Free drinks at the opening party
    • Free breakfast
    • Free soda & snacks throughout the day
    • Free Lunch
    • Free BarCamp Omaha T-Shirt

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Your Cheerful BarCamp Planners

  • image description  

    Dusty Davidson

    Dusty is cofounder of BrightMix, a small web-based software development shop that builds elegant web applications with the Ruby on Rails framework

  • image description  

    Eric Downs

    Eric is founder of DownsDesign a small web and branding studio proudly located in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • image description  

    Matt Secoske

    Matt is the founder of nimblelogic, a boutique web and idea development company.

  • image description  

    Megan Hunt

    Megan, known more commonly as Princess Lasertron, is a bridal designer and style blogger.